Thursday, August 20, 2009

Them's Fighting Words!

At a busy intersection in Helena, Montana, I found myself stopped behind this Honda at a red light.

I gasped outloud.

I had never been so offended by a license plate frame in my whole life.

I couldn't believe they would even SELL such a license frame to ANYONE...

....except me.

While I was fuming, my teenagers were challenging me. Actually, more like double-dog-daring me.

"Mom, I dare you to go knock on her window and demand to see pics of HER grandkids."

"Yea, Mom, I think you should just walk up to her and tell her how wrong she is."

"Too bad you don't have pictures to prove how wrong she is."

Yea, speaking of pictures, what kinda' gramma am I? They were taunting me because I don't carry any pictures of the grandkids. I don't even carry pictures of my kids. I don't even carry a picture of my husband. However, I do carry my computer almost everywhere I go and I have have filled my 140 GB hard-drive with pics. Thousands of pictures, to be exact.

If the light hadn't turned green so quickly, I could have shown her these thousands pics of Brookelyn and Brayden, my little bundles of blog material, being naughty, nice and just plain cute.

Cuter, in fact, than her grandkids.

I'm not kidding.

I double-d0g-dare-ya' to prove me wrong.

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  1. It's Noelle's baby and it is some of our closest friends that are moving to Brazil.


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