Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...and a few hours later....SNOW!?!?!?

I had finished drying off my camera and was going to get busy with school.
Really, I was.
But, for some reason, my trigger finger was itchy again.

This time it was snow.
Those huge, fat snowflakes that are amazingly beautiful.
They're so wonderful to watch, you almost don't mind the cold. Almost.
I grew up in North Dakota.
I shouldn't still be marveling everytime it snows,
but I do.

Jon, apparently, didn't care how cold it was....for about three ninutes.

The ziploc wasn't working well enough to keep my camera dry in the flurries,
so I ducked under the tree for a few minutes respite.

Can you guess what my next brilliant idea was?

Didja' guess right?

Didja' recognize the Go-Go Boots?

Same ol' scene, from another point of view.

A perfectly flocked cedar tree - can we have Christmas presents again?

This was taken at 11:11am, just 16 minutes after the first pic,

and just about two hours after the hail melted.

Beka is making "creme brulee" with her snow.
It probably tastes better than the hail.
Another display of nature from the storehouses of the Lord.


  1. Beautiful pictures! The snow is gone here, just wet, wet, wet. Your post cracked me up! You always could make me laugh. Glad you had problems with it, too.:-)

  2. You take beautiful pics!! Love them. I was so kicking myself I didn't leave the house with my camera today, all the beautiful post-BLIZZARD pics I could've taken AND THEN a huge redish orange full moom rising on the way home from prayer meeting tonight! It was awesome- I always kick myself for not lugging my camera with... Praying for you!! ~Jill


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