Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patterns of Snow

February 9th we woke up to yet another PNW surprise - snow.
We loved the White Christmas,
we vaguely enjoyed the next few snows,
but in February we're feeling a little less tolerant.

After all, many of us are planting spring flowers - the favored primroses.

Still, we pause to embrace the moment.
We take our pictures, the kids play in the snow.
We take the traditional "flocked trees" pictures.

Then, look for a better shot.

The traditional picture,

the better shot....

This beauty appeared in the puddle at the bottom of my drainspout.

I missed the shot of the shot of the garbage truck spinning its wheels all the way up the slight hill in front of our house, but I got the cool shot of the tracks it left in the snow.

The sidewalk beneath the huge cedar tree hadn't been swept for awhile,
a long while, actually,
but my procrastination produced an incredible pattern.
A man walked by as I was down by the creek and I heard a
crunch, crunch, crunch, as he trampled the snow patterns underfoot.
When the morning sun broke through a few minutes later,
the crunch, crunch, crunch
turned into
To protect my camera, I went inside.
By mid-afternoon, all these patterns were almost all gone.
But that evening, the snow came back again in a flurried vengeance.
with the snow persistently hanging around the colder parts of the neighborhoods,
it crunches a little,
it drips a little,
it crunches,
it drips,
while we wait for it to

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  1. Hi Mindy-

    I came across your blog from Jess's blog the other day and I wanted to say "Hi". You are so good at taking pictures--even garbage truck tracks look cool. :-) I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you in regards to your health. It's so encouraging to know the Great Physician. We pray that He will continue to give you strength and encouragement.

    BTW: As we were packing for Winter Retreat this year the kids were all excited because they would get to see Rebekah--I told them that she probably wouldn't be there but maybe they could see her again this summer. :-)


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