Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Happens at Grammas - Grandpa Fixes

We love our little granddaughter, Brookelyn, affectionately dubbed Brooke Trout, but she can leave a trail of disaster along with food smears on the furniture, cheerios and toys in the couch cushions, stinky diapers in the garbage cans and other such precious memories. On this visit Grandpa babysat, since he had time off of work for the holidays. Brookie, (doesn't she have a lot of names?) loves this book with the peek-a-boo flaps. This page will need a little tape from Grandpa before she can peek at Arthur's family again.

OK, I kinda' did this one on purpose. I was taking Brookie's parents and her aunts and uncle for coffee and leaving her alone with Grandpa and Uncle Jon. She had found this package of crackers and was having a blast making this scrunchy, crunchy, crackling noise as she broke all the crackers in the package. Her little chubby fingers found a little hole, and the rest is history, or rather, the rest is in the vacuum cleaner. But, it was a small price to pay for a half hour of diversion.

This will be Grandpa's second glue job on my small table and chair set. You think I would just move them away when she comes, but she loves them SO much! And, I love watching her carry them around the house, already re-arranging furniture well enough to give credit to her gender, sitting on them, standing on them and trying to put dolls on them. It is more fun to laugh when she breaks them and then just reglue them. Not a strategy I used on my kids, but it sure works for grandkids.

But, when she leaves, and we have vacuumed up the last Cheerio, glued and fixed things, picked up all the Scrabble pieces from everywhere in the house, we always miss her. We always wish she was back terrorizing our life with her adorable smiles, running up and down the hallway over and over with her toddling diaper waddle and slobbering all over us with open-mouth sloppy kisses. We love our baby Brookie!

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